Fallen angels PDF Prenta T÷lvupˇstur
Das Kapital - Lili Marlene
Lili Marlene 1984
Lag: Bubbi Morthens, texti: Mike Pollock

Mop up blood
dry your tears
sliding in the mud
wallowing in fear.
Blinded ny ambition
the spider web of lies.
Learn the lesson of life and love
spread your wings and fly.

Flush out the predators
burn them out of the bush
standing on the edge of madness
waiting for that push.
No one van take from you
what you never had
put on your busted halo
you really ain’t that bad.

Fallen angels gather on the corner of every street
Eyes just like cayons feet shuffling to the beat
Singing let me return the fruit
glue it back on the tree
let us walk through the garden guiltless and free.

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