President song PDF Prenta T÷lvupˇstur
Bubbi - Serbian flower
Serbian flower 1988
Lag og texti: Bubbi Morthens

The president likes porno
but not for public eyes.
He used to play the cowboy
innocent and shy.

But now he plays with terror
the playground is the sky.
Thousands of screaming children
and the Indian must die.

This is the land of opportunity.
It will treat you right or wrong.
The yes man is rolling over me
I got to keep myself strong.

The family seems happy
and pleased with his son.
In the shadow of his father
in France he’s having fun.

He doesn’t have to worry
‘cause his father pays the bills.
Sniffing coke with go go boys
and other lowlife thrills.

He’s been talking to the people.
He has smiled to the pope in Rome.
And his face in the mirror
telling us about home sweet home.

And like Cain or Abel
these two giants
throwing shadows into my life.
And he wants me to accept
all that crap.
Taking care of kids and wives.

Lagið má finna á eftirtöldum útgáfum

Lagið kom einnig út á Íslensku með ólíkum texta og heitir þar Sló sló á plötunni Frelsi til sölu (1986)


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