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Lag og texti: Bubbi Morthens

Everywhere you look
there’s shadows on the wall,
the echo of spring
is disappearing down the hall.
Our minds used to be wide open
now it’s an empty room.
Our feelings like the foot prints
that we left up on the moon.

Stretched out like a foetus
that lost his mother’s womb.
You hear the waves laughing
at the walls of your room.
Bodies without faces
with limbs they can‘t control
voices from the past
rise from a dead telephone.

The wind hammers on your window
like a raven that lost his wings.
The one armed drummer plays his tune
outside the sirens sing.
Last night a gentle sound
flew past your ears
you thought it was the ocean
but it was only your tears.

Remember the girl in the corner
she used to sell the people hope
they thought they were finding happiness
at the end of the hangmans rope.
Now the corners empty
she won’t show up any more.
Before she went to Armageddon
she left a note at your front door.

Lagið má finna á eftirtöldum útgáfum
Bubbi - Frelsi til sölu (aðeins á 2006 útgáfunni)

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