I am just I PDF Prenta T÷lvupˇstur
Bubbi - Serbian flower
Serbian flower 1988
Lag og texti: Bubbi Morthens

Behind my eyes the pictures that remind me of you
in worn out tarot cards.
Where the shadows reach out, touch the light of my youth
where the fallen angels play poker in the yard.

I am just I, waiting for now
smiling while you sleep.
In heaven there is nothing before which you have to bow.
It’s all inside so deep.

In your sweet soft place the unborn talks me in
offers me freedom beyond their walls.
The snake curls on the throne in the palace of sin
and there is no one to hear my call.

I am just I...

Behind your prayers the Lord in heaven waits for you
with a heart full of sin.
You can’t rely on nothing if you don’t believe it’s true
the line between our lips is so thin.

Lagið má finna á eftirtöldum útgáfum

Ensk útgáfa lagsins Foxtrot sem Bubbi lagið til samnefndrar kvikmyndar og er að finna á plötunni 56 (1988)


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