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Bubbi - Serbian flower
Serbian flower 1988
Lag og texti: Bubbi Morthens

You high heeled walker
the game’s still going on.
On the battlefield of sex
lost lovers mourn.
It felt like love
but it smelled like death
in your arms they lost their breath.
All this I pretend to know
my blood still drives on your thorns.

In the shadows I can see your smile.
Is this offer just for me?
I can see your lips moving
but they can’t set you free.
Colourful words hit like rain
shows me nothing but your empty brain.
All this I pretend to know.
Behind this silhouette
there’s nothing to see.

My one and only wish my darling
is that you burn yourself on your words.
Like poison they drip from your mouth
there’s no escaping the curse.
From karma no one can flee
this you better believe.
All this I pretend to know
someday you’ll get it where it hurts.

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