The Last Eagle PDF Prenta T÷lvupˇstur
Safnplata - Icebrakers
Icebrakers 1991
Lag og texti: Bubbi Morthens, þýðing: Julian M. Darcy

He sits an old man by the window
The dying day has killed the time
His mind flows with a stream of words
Not finding their poet or rhyme.

In the lava are secrets from times gone by
Dead friends drop by for a while
And his eyes seem to come alive once again
When the ghosts come to talk and smile.

In Herdísarvík he sits with clipped wings
All alone and shorn of power
In Herdísarvík you can hear beat the of wings
Beating wings toward the midnight hour.

He remembers so many of all his sweet victories
When he went off a viking, his weapons shone
The weapons which once were his pride and joy
Seem long ago buried and gone.

All alone with his thoughts, the night passes by
His heart not bitter at the end of the day
In the darkness he sits and regrets not a thing
He himself chose his own way.

A new day falls from the arms of heaven
Into mountain gullies shadows steal
He sits an old man by the window
With fortune a broken wheel.

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