Canvas city PDF Prenta T÷lvupˇstur
Utangar­smenn - ═ upphafi skyldi endirinn sko­a
═ upphafi skyldi endirinn sko­a 1981
Lag: Bubbi Morthens, texti: Mike Pollock

I got your check in the mail
I bought some more colors
I have plenty to paint
the scenery is great around here
I´m getting better at landscapes
no problem painting houses
But I'm having problems
getting models to work for me

Soon as they take their clothes off
I just wanna do them
Soon as they take their clothes off
I can´t keep it down

Maybe I should paint men
or hire a prostitute
But the ladies of the nite are expensive
and men can be sexy to
Maybe i should stick to
painting tree´s and flowers
Wish i knew a girl
I could fuck and paint for hours

Soon as...

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