Crazy PDF Prenta T÷lvupˇstur
Utangar­smenn - ═ upphafi skyldi endirinn sko­a
═ upphafi skyldi endirinn sko­a 1981
Lag og texti: Mike Pollock

Monday at the bank, tryin to swing a loan,
tuesday the tax man takes everything i own
cops haul me down to ask some questions
they wanna clean up town for the next elections.

Crazy, crazy as hell.

Wednesday gotta cover the rubber checks
that i gave some friends to keep them off my neck
some people seem to think i´m public enemy number one
is it against the law to have some fun.

Crazy, crazy as hell.

Thursday on our way out of this town
aint nothin gonna stop us or bring us down
friday we paint another town red
saturday on stage knockin them dead.

Crazy, crazy as hell.

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