The Big Print
Utangaršsmenn - Geislavirkir
Geislavirkir 1980
Lag: Utangarðsmenn, texti: Mike Pollock

Thanks god yesterday is dead.
when you gonna get it into your head?
They’re all obsolete the thing’s that you say
it’s no use comparing us with yesterday.

You’re all full of bullshit and journalistic jive
you have no idea of what it is to be alive
you’re blinded by how important
you think you oughta be
you’re so well infromed
that you can’t even see.

What do you know
about the kids out on the street
you’re just like a cop
who’s out on the his beat
who’s will be the next to rise or fall?
you’ll be ready to infrom us all.

You say that our heroes are overship
look into the mirror,
don’t give me no up.
They’re all obsolete the things that you say,
it’s no use comparing us with yesterday.

Lagið má finna á eftirtölum útgáfum